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Message to the Campus


A moment. A movement. A mission.

From: President Claudia Schrader
Thursday, June 01, 2023

Dear College Community,

It only took a moment 54 years ago at the Stonewall Inn to spark the movement for LGBT rights. Over the next 42 years, June would be officially recognized as Pride Month by two U.S. presidents.  Much has been gained since the Stonewall Riots to advance the rights of members of the LGBTQIA community; but there is more to do. 

We can and should look to our elected officials, laws and policies, but we must look to ourselves and each other first because it all starts with us.  Our words and deeds (often lack thereof) speak volumes.  My hope is that during this month and beyond we not only say 'Happy Pride', but that we continue to act in ways that advance the mission of equity, inclusion and respect of our LGBTQIA loved ones, students and colleagues.   Let's endeavor to take our place on the rainbow as allies and advocates.

Happy Pride!

President Schrader