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Message to the Campus


Special Message: Women's History Month

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Dear College Community,

Here we are, another Women’s History Month and the celebration of the outstanding accomplishments of women.  From a galaxy of firsts and only, to the inventors, educators, scientists, politicians, artists, leaders, advocates, and everyone in-between, women have made an indelible impact on our world. Despite the many barriers that have been placed in the way, the attack on the strength of our intersectionality, the challenges of juggling motherhood and a career, unequal access to opportunities, doors that have been shut in our faces, aggressions, disparities in pay that exist, and inequities that existed throughout the ages and continue to exist today for many women, we continue to make incredible strides.  And still we rise.  

Some have made these strides with such force and determination that they have shattered glass ceilings and broke down barriers.  We celebrate them always, but especially this month.   But as we celebrate, we must not let our cheering drown out the voices of the many others who are asking, waiting, and trying to ascend to the next level to break another and many times their own small glass ceilings.  

March is a time of celebration and a time of activation. Let us activate the sister, friend, and mentor in all of us to support each other to greatness, because empower women, empower women!

Happy Women’s History Month! ... this March and always.

"She's not your competition.  She's proof it can be done".

President Schrader