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Questions about My Turn

1. What educational background or degrees are required for "My Turn"?

For our qualified "My Turn" applicants, the college requested, and was granted, permission to waive The City University of New York college admission requirement for a High School or General Equivalency Diploma.

2. Who attends the "My Turn" Program?

Interested, qualified (by age and residence) individuals who wish to participate in this program. My Turners can be employed, unemployed, never employed, or retired. My Turners can be professionals, have advanced degrees, college degrees or never attended high school.

3. How many credits must be taken?

As of fall 2020, new and current My Turn students will only be allowed to audit courses and not receive any credits. If My Turn students are interested in matriculating, they will be able to apply for financial aid but will no longer be a part of the My Turn Program. 

4. When can I enroll?

There are four times each year when My Turn students have the opportunity to enroll at the college to start classes: Fall Semester, Winter Module, Spring Semester, and Summer Module.

5. Are "My Turn" students treated differently or separated from other students or activities?

Absolutely NOT! Aside from being given a special time for registration, My Turn students are never separated from the general student body. My Turn students are involved in all activities on the campus, social and cultural events, the use of all facilities (gym, library, beach, bookstore, cafeteria, and learning centers) are the same for all registered KCC students.

6. Is any special assistance given to "My Turn" students?

Because most My Turn students have been away from school for some time, the program includes individual counseling before and during registration. Academic counseling is available throughout the semester. As needed, such services as tutoring and accommodations for learning problems, guidance and transfer to senior colleges on graduation are available. Other services include: an active My Turn club; lectures and forums concerning specific interests of older adults (nutrition, health, volunteering, government regulations, etc.); health fairs, social gatherings, outings, workshops, and opportunities to be personally involved are part of My Turn Program.

7. Do many "My Turn" students attend KCC?

Yes, in each academic year more than 200 My Turn students are in attendance. Because of the program's vitality and blending of interests, My Turn students are comfortable in the KCC atmosphere.

8. How much does the "My Turn" program cost?

As part of The City University of New York, Kingsborough permits qualified students into the My Turn program, tuition-FREE. Only the $80 registration fee must be paid each semester. Some courses may require students to buy supplies or textbooks.