The My Turn Program is a senior program offered by Kingsborough Community College. The college offers older adults a great opportunity to attend college tuition free. There is a registration fee of $80 which includes two semesters fall and winter or spring and summer. New York State residents 60 years of age or older are qualified to attend classes. As of Fall 2020, My Turn students will only be allowed to audit courses and not receive any credits. My Turn students interested in matriculating, will be removed from the My Turn Program and will be able to apply for financial aid. 

The My Turn program gives students the opportunity to return to college. Some students may not have had the opportunity to attend or finish school because of work or raising families, respectively. With the My Turn program, it is "their turn" to come to school and fulfill their dreams.

Our students are diverse in culture and career backgrounds. You never know who you will meet. Our students come from different professions from retired doctors, lawyers, teachers, and principals. However, it is not a requirement of our program to have a high school diploma and/or college degree.

We also have a My Turn Club with an executive board that consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary. The My Turn Club provides the social component to the program while the college provides the academics.

Our students love to take art, music, history, computer, health and physical education, and literature courses. My Turn students attend classes with the traditional students. Once you become a My Turn student you will have access to the library, gym, pool, tennis court and private beach.

Please keep in mind the traditional students are priority. Traditional students register first after which the My Turn students register for classes that have available seats. 

If you have previously taken classes in Kingsborough at any time in the past, except for Continuing Education classes, please inform the My Turn office.

My Turn Staff

Susan Lavin, My Turn Director

Trenisse Sutton, Adjunct College Laboratory Technician

Arline Pollinger, College Assistant

My Turn Program, F219

Kingsborough Community College

2001 Oriental Boulevard

Brooklyn, New York 11235

Phone: 718-368-5079

Fax: 718-368-4766

Email: Myturn@kbcc.cuny.edu