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Class Auditing

Kingsborough Community College
Auditing Definition

Class Auditing / Senior Citizen Auditing

Anyone may audit a course provided there is room in the class. Auditing allows interested students to increase their knowledge by attending courses without receiving either a grade or credit toward a degree. The amount of student participation in an audited course may vary, at the discretion of the instructor, from complete fulfillment of all course requirements to classroom attendance alone.

Auditing requires official registration as an auditor. Unofficial auditing is not permitted. Students register beginning on the first day of classes up until the last day to add a course.

If, for any reason, students later take courses that they have already audited, they will be governed by the regulations for repetition of courses. Students may not receive credit for courses taken by exemption examinations if they have already audited the courses. Courses audited are so designated on the student's transcript with the grade of AUD.

Auditing a Course for Senior Citizens (60 and Older)

Senior citizens who wish to audit KCC classes are subject to all the same regulations outlined in the above section. Senior citizens are required to present proof of age to the My Turn Program on an annual basis. The following are acceptable for proof of age: Medicare card, driver's license, non-driver's ID, or birth certificate. Senior citizens pay $80 registration fee each semester.


As per CUNY guidelines, registration for students who are auditing cannot be processed until the first week of classes.