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Teacher Toolbox :  Just Mercy

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~Teaching Materials & Readings: Individual Teachers & Classes~ 


Prof Wendy Chu's excellent Bibliography on Just Mercy:

The Online Version:
A PDF of the entire Bibliography:


Prof Maureen Fadem recommends the following: 

A Listing of Companion Texts for Teaching with Just Mercy:

Her Syllabus for English 12 Freshman Composition Fall '16 w/Just Mercy as primary text:


Author Bryan Stevenson's Letter to Readers of Just Mercy:

An animated video/story by Destini Riley about her brother's incarceration:


 Robert Schacter recommends the following interview with author Bryan Stevenson:
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~Online Teaching Resources~ 

A PDF of the Penguin/Random House Teacher's Guide for Just Mercy:

Penguin/Random House Common Reading Support:

 Chapter Outline of Just Mercy:

Discussion Questions from UW Madison:

More Discussion Questions from Mount Prospect Public Library:


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~Video File Teaching Aids~


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~Audio File Teaching Aids~


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Prof Chu's list of Social Movements addressing issues in Just Mercy:
Prof Chu's Author / Book Page for Just Mercy:
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Videos of KCC Reads Events on Just Mercy:





Books are available, for as long as they last, in Room M-386

This Teacher Toolbox is always under construction -- please send us your materials, resources or suggestions!