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 About Paideia: The Journal of KCC Reads:

Through the KCC Reads program, we publish an annual student journal Paideia: The Journal of KCC Reads. The journal publishes student responses to the book of the year, including outstanding writing, in scholarly and creative genres, and outstanding artwork, also in multiple genres: visual, photographic, etc. We also publish student projects and posters, interviews and other forms of response. Any and all work students are doing in their classes, in response to the book, is eligible for submission to the journal. All conference proposals are automatically up for consideration for publication in the journal. And, students who do not wish to present at the conference but would like their work considered for publication may submit their work for journal consideration only.

In order to be published in the next volume of the Journal, students must participate in our Annual Student Conference. Work presented at the 2017 and 2018 conferences will be published in the annual journal on Just Mercy  by Bryan Stevenson. To participate in these conferences, complete a "Request to Present" form. Then, each and every one of those submissions will be considered for publication in the student journal, due out in the Spring 2017 semester. 

Use the ONLINE Submission Form to submit your work for the conference. Click this link:

ONLINE Submissions, STUDENTS:   STUDENT Request to Present

Or, if you prefer to print the form and submit a paper copy, click this link: 

PRINTABLE:  STUDENT Request to Present form 


Please note: The journal on Americanah, based on the Spring 2016 conference, 

will be the first Online edition of Paideia. ...Coming soon!


2014 -2015: Just Kids
Just Kids

2013 -2014: Eating Animals
Eating Animals

2012 - 2013: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Paideia: Vol 1 Fall 2013