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KCC Reads

The KCC READS Annual Student Conference

Bringing Together Students, Faculty, Staff & Invited Guests

Along with a series of smaller events throughout the year film screenings, lectures by our faculty or invited guests, teaching workshops, panel discussions, student led roundtables, debates and discussion fora we host an annual conference where students working on the book, as well as members of the faculty, staff and invited guests, present their work: in panel and roundtable formats; with papers, posters and power point presentations; dramatic and poetry performances; and art and science exhibitions showcasing work in multiple genres. Students also participate in the planning and management of this event. And, each year, the author or an expert in the field is invited to give the Keynote Lecture at the conference. For details of last year's program, click here.  

The KCC Reads Student Conference enhances students academic experience at Kingsborough by providing an opportunity to present a paper or project on the annual book this year that book is Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. The program enables students who read the book in a class to share with our community the work they produced in response to it.

The conference this year is Mon. May 15th and Tues. May 16th. There will be a special panel on the first day, then, on the second day, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., students will present their work in small groups, class groups, or as part of an exhibit. The concluding session of the conference, from 3:00 4:30 p.m., will be a lecture and a Q & A following the talk. (Details forthcoming.)

  • Open Format: Students may present work done in ANY class, on ANY theme, in ANY format as long as it is about or was inspired by Just Mercy. We will accept any type of work completed for a Kingsborough class (including extra credit work) a paper, a speech or science project, an art illustration or painting, a dramatic performance or poem, etc. any format, as long as it is related to Just Mercy in some way.
  • Publication: ALL student work presented at the conference will be considered for publication in our journal, Paideia: The Journal of KCC Reads, due out at the start of the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Recognition: Participating students will receive a Certificate of Participation. And, three students will be awarded the KCC Reads Social Justice Award for exceptional work on a social justice theme. We choose the best student work in three genres, each on a social justice theme, and grant these students the Award, presented at the Inaugural Lecture the following September.


    Complete the submission form for work you would like to present at the conference. And, Students: Don't worry if it is still a draft or not fully complete -- submit what you have now, you can finalize it before the date of the conference.

    Use the ONLINE Submission Form to submit your work

    ONLINE Submissions: Students

    STUDENT Request to Present

    ONLINE Submissions: Faculty & Staff

    FACULTY/STAFF Session Proposal

    Or, print the form and submit a paper copy, click the appropriate link below: 

    STUDENTS: STUDENT Request to Present / FACULTY / STAFF: FACULTY/STAFF Session Proposal

    ** Deadline for Submissions: Monday May  1st, 2017! **


    2016 - 2017: Just Mercy
    Just Mercy Cover Page
    2015 - 2016:
    Conference 2016 cover

    2014 -2015: Just Kids
    Just Kids

    2013 -2014: Eating Animals
    Eating Animals

    2012 - 2013: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
    Henrietta Lacks