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Direct Deposit



More than 80% of employees paid by the New York City's Payroll Management System have their net pay electronically deposited directly into their bank accounts.

When you enroll in direct deposit, your net pay is transferred electronically to your bank account. Your pay is available as cash on pay day. You don't have to worry about lost or stolen paychecks any more, and you don't have to stand in line to cash or deposit your check. With direct deposit, you can be confident that your pay is deposited into your account on time and correctly.

If you want to enroll, it's easy. You can obtain an enrollment form and pertinent instructions from our office at Room A-201 or you can download the enrollment form from

Simply complete your name, Reference Number, type of account-either savings or checking, the name(s) exactly as it appears on your bank account statement, your bank's ABA number, and your account number. The safest method for determining your bank's ABA number is to ask your bank representative to provide it to you.

Sign the form and submit it to our Direct Deposit Coordinator, Ms. Kristine Grosch, located in our Human Resources Office (Room A-201, Extension #5436), along with the necessary supporting documentation. Dependent upon the type of account you will be utilizing for Direct Deposit purposes, you must attach a voided check, preprinted savings deposit slip, or header of a recent bank savings statement or a formal letter from your bank. Depending on when the form is processed, your direct deposit will probably start within one or two pay periods.

You are in control of your funds! You can change your financial institution, designate a different account, or cancel direct deposit at any time by using the same form used for enrollment.

Once you are enrolled in direct deposit, you will still receive a pay stub documenting your gross and net pay along with your tax withholding and other Deductions. These pay stubs are available for distribution at the Bursar's Office (Room A-205).

Any questions related to your pay would continue to be answered directly by the Human Resources Office.

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