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Property Office / Warehouse / Central Receiving / General Information

Contact Information: 

Location: Room P-105
Phone number: 718-368-5121
Mail code:  PO

Property Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm

Warehouse/Central Receiving Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 am - 3:30 pm

Eduardo Rios
Vice President for Finance
and Administration
Location: A-209
Phone: (718) 368-5028

Kenneth Thompson
Supervisor Stock Worker II


Central Receiving Department

The Central Receiving Department receives, ships, checks, records, distributes and/or stores all order arrivals, and works closely with Procurement to assure the accurate receipt of items for distribution to the campus community. The Central Receiving Department provides for incoming shipments and temporary warehousing of inventory awaiting campus delivery, maintains the college's Warehouse, administers shipping outside of college via approval by the Vice President of Finance and Administration, maintains the UPS Log, and assists in the salvaging and disposing of equipment.

Supervisor of Stock Workers

Directly oversees and supervises work assignments for stock workers. Establishes and maintains procedures for the receipt and delivery of all items purchased by the college. Oversees major shipments, organizes and performs annual inventory of the Central Receiving Warehouse. Maintains departmental inventory of general college office supplies, resolves operational Central Receiving and Warehouse issues, performs Quality Control of Central Receiving/Property's CUNYfirst data entries, and assists the Fixed Assets Manager with salvage and tagging of college assets.

Stock Workers

Receives UPS/FedEx shipments, create and generate delivery receipts in CUNYfirst, complete equipment data forms, deliver/pickup/store bulk or unique items to/from campus departments under the direct leadership of the Supervisor of Stock Workers.

General Office Supply Order Form

Supply orders are placed bi-monthly (by the first day of the month and the fifteenth day of the month) for distribution the following week. The orders are placed online by using the General Office Supply Order Form. Only merchandise listed on the General Office Supply Order form is available. Any other merchandise has to be ordered through your Staples Account.


To facilitate proper service from the Property Office, the following procedures must be followed:

  • No personal shipments or deliveries will be accepted or shipped by the Property Office.
  • No orders will be accepted by the Property Office without a Purchase Order number issued by the Purchasing Office or any accredited city, state, or government agency.
  • Orders placed through the Purchasing Office, Research Foundation, KCC Association, DASNY, or CUNY Central must be received only by the Property Office. Orders received or picked up personally without going through the Property Office will not get the authorization of receipt required by the Accounts Payable Office. THE BILL WILL NOT BE PAID. This also prevents the Property Office from tagging and accounting for property that has to be recorded in CUNYfirst.


When Central Receiving receives merchandise, each order is examined against the purchase order's requirements to determine if the delivery's contents are full, partial, inaccurate, and/or damaged. Upon acceptance, the stock workers create receipts for purchase orders received. Some items, e.g. computers, computer related equipment/items, projectors, audio/visual equipment, unique special custom orders, artwork, etc., may be flagged for inspection. Respective department staff will be notified.

On dock deliveries from a Parcel Service or Freight company are signed for as received, i.e. signing for the number of packages or pallets received and listed on the bill of lading. If delivery box is slightly damaged this will be noted on bill of lading. If box is badly damaged, the requestor will be contacted to accept/reject the delivery.

Central Receiving Warehouse deliveries require a review of all paperwork to ensure the accuracy, Purchase Order fulfillment, and condition of each delivery:

If fully received - staff signs receiving documents for the receipt of the merchandise.

If partial order is received

  • Only items actually received are entered on the electronic receipt.
  • Warehouse staff will call the respective department to notify of any discrepancy.
  • If the delivery is acceptable, all items received will be recorded as well as discrepancies noted as inaccurate on the receipt.
  • If the department refuses the delivery, the department will further arrange with Purchasing for a replacement/resolution with the vendor.
  • If, the delivery is refused the department will make arrangements with Purchasing for a replacement/resolution with the vendor.
  • Items are temporarily stored in the warehouse until authorized return. A receipt is not created for such deliveries.

If Central Receiving staff needs assistance, the originator /designee of the order may be called to assist in this operation. However, if errors or discrepancies are discovered when you receive the order, Central Receiving must be immediately notified so the situation may be rectified.
If IT equipment received is inaccurate/partial/damaged, the department is notified, and IT will determine whether to accept and/or further test the usability of the equipment or request a return via Procurement. Accepted delivery items may be adjusted on the receipt to reflect discrepancies.

Delivery items for the Research Foundation, KCC Association, DASNY, or CUNY Central

  • When the order is received, the originator of the order will be notified by Central Receiving via phone call or email. If you also receive a two-part Notice of Receipt at Warehouse form with a blue and pink copy, this will tell you the order's arrival date, number of cartons, weight, and if the order is complete.
  • The blue copy is for your records.
  • The pink copy has a Warehouse release form section to be filled out by you to return to the Property Office. This tells us who and where to release the merchandise. DO NOT SIGN the received box on the pink copy. This is to be done when you or your designee receives the merchandise
  • Return the pink copy to the Property Office, P105, mail code PO, by inter-office mail or by hand. Central Receiving/Property will affix it to the merchandise for actual delivery
  • When you or your designee receives the order, sign and date the pink copy's received box (print name legibly). The pink copy will be attached to the Property Office's copy of the purchase order to serve as proof of delivery.