Teaching Materials for CATW and ACT Reading Exam

CATW-Related Links

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Borough of Manhattan Community College CATW Resources Page

CATW Guides and Exercises

Kingsborough Reading and Writing Center: Getting to Know the CATW
Kingsborough Reading and Writing Center: Evaluating a CATW Writing Sample
Kingsborough Reading and Writing Center: Reviewing the CATW Criteria for Writing and Trying Out a Practice Writing
CATW Practice Assessment Rubric
Directions Breakdown
CATW Article List with Reading Levels

CATW Practice Material with Samples and Articulations

1. Playtime is Over
2. Individuals in Groups
3. Is Music A Good Tool for Health
4. Hang It Up
5. Who Can You Trust
6. Effort Performance
7. Looking Good?

CATW Practice: Readings and Prompts

Practice 1: An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness
Practice 2: Beauty Discrimination During a Job Search
Practice 3: Be Lucky -- It's an Easy Skill to Learn
Practice 4: How to Write a (Good) Sentence Home Assignment
Practice 5: Segregation in Schools
Practice 6: Oxen
Practice 7: Facebook
Practice 8: Finally Minding Their Manners (New York Post)
Practice 9: Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work
Practice 10: Sample CATW Prompt - based on "Genius the Modern View" by David Brooks
Practice 11: Whose Last Name Should Married Couples Choose?
Practice 12: Phys Ed: Why is Wii Fit Best for Grandparents
Practice 13: A Collection of Prompts from E. Esdaille
Practice 14: A True Instinct For the Beautiful
Practice 15: Are Men What They Used to Be?
Practice 16: Do Great Mothers Make Great Leaders?
Practice 17: Does Stress Validate Our Existence?
Practice 18: Elementary Students Encouraged to Set College Goals
Practice 19: Materialism
Practice 20: Reading Underground
Practice 21: Solve that Problem with Humor
Practice 22: Why I'm Raising My Son to be a Nerd

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ACT Reading Practice Materials

Reading ACE Practice Tests from Cengage Learning