Drawing & Painting


Kingsborough’s Drawing and Painting concentration prepares students with a hands-on skill set for image-making within a variety of wet and dry mediums (acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, charcoal, pastels, etc.).  In addition to beginning and intermediate classes in Painting and Drawing, we offer advanced courses in Landscape Painting, Still-Life Painting, and Watercolor, as well as an Independent Study in which you can further explore expression in these media.  The curriculum presents a foundation for the development of visual literacy, observational skills, creative and innovative thinking, and problem solving through lectures and projects.  Kingsborough’s separate drawing and painting studios are impressive in size and, with their north natural lighting, are excellent learning environments. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared for transfer into a baccalaureate program within the fine and applied arts (an art school or a four-year college program).  As a firm knowledge and understanding of drawing and painting are beneficial to success in a variety of majors and vocations—from the fine arts to commercial and industrial design—these crucial foundational skills are can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines and careers.