FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many absences are allowed in classes?
    According to KCC policy, you are allowed to miss up to 6 hours of class per semester but your grade begins to be affected after missing 3 hours of class.

  • How many absences are allowed in internships?
    You are allowed up to 2 excused absences (to be determined by the professor) and you will fail if you miss any more than 2. It does not matter what the reason is.

  • Which MH courses are Writing Intensive courses?
    Professor Billies MH31 Principles of Interviewing and Group Leadership.

  • How do I get Mental Health program forms?
    See each page of the Mental Health and Human Services website for the forms you need.

  • What kinds of clubs are there for us?
    The Mental Health club (hyperlink to Mental Health club page)


  • What are the differences between the Mental Health concentrations?

  • The General Mental Health Concentration prepares you for all social work, counseling, and human service professions.

  • The Domestic Violence Concentration prepares you to work in all mental health settings with a specialization in domestic violence issues.

  • The Substance Abuse Concentration prepares you to work in all mental health settings with a specialization in substance abuse issues.** NOTE: If you concentrate in Substance Abuse Counseling, both internships (MH 9801 and MH 9802) must be completed within the Substance Abuse Counseling field.

  • Which concentration should I pick?
    You can pick any one of the three; they all satisfy the requirements for a Mental Health major.

Field Internships

  • When should I sign up for an internship?
    The semester before you want to do your field internship.

  • Why do I have to use my KBCC email address for signing up for internships?
    It is the formal way to make sure you receive required documents and information.
  • What if I never check my KBCC email?
    You may miss emails that could keep you from doing your field internship.
  • How do I find out if I've been accepted to an internship?
    You will be contacted by the Mental Health office after you sign-up. You can also check with the Mental Health office.

  • What courses are generally required for fields?
    Two courses are required: MH 11 and either MH30, MH31 or MH34.

  • What if I have scheduling requirements that conflict with internships?
    You have to be available for the full internship hours. There are a variety of choices in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.

  • Do I have to have two PPDs (Tuberculosis tests)? Is this required?
    Yes, for certain internships. They must be at least one week apart and must be done before the internship starts.