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Kingsborough Now in Your Neighborhood

In your Neighborhood

As Brooklyn's only community college, Kingsborough is committed to serve our local communities. One of the new initiatives, Kingsborough - Now in Your Neighborhood, brings Kingsborough's portable student support services into the community. We have partnered with community based organizations, local high schools, alternative high schools, and others to make an impact on the high school dropout rates, college access, college persistence and retention, college graduation, and workforce development. Kingsborough currently offers our community partners with the following services:
  • Career Exploration
  • Admissions Information Sessions
  • Parent Workshops
  • Campus Visits
  • College Transition and College Preparation Workshops & Skill Development
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Case Manager for Academic guidance

and more let us know where we can support you!

If you are interested in seeing how Kingsborough can partner with you, please contact:

Brian R. Mitra
Dean of Student Affairs

Our partners include:

  • Good Shepherd Services
  • Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow
  • Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation
  • Multicultural High School
  • Olympus Academy
  • Achievement First High School
  • Center for Family Life
  • Red Hook Initiative
  • Brooklyn Opportunities Network

and growing!!!

Recent blog post by Brian Mitra and Rachel Forsyth, Good Shepherd Services


Case Manager

At Kingsborough Community College, the Student Success Center's advisors take a holistic approach when working with our students. We want to improve our student's retention and maximize the student's overall college experience with meaningful communication that consists of reminders about campus services, campus programs, and meeting deadlines. The advisors collaboratively work with all college offices to provide the necessary support to our students so that they can be academically successful and overcome challenges that they face throughout the semester. Success advisors are assigned a cohort of students who they are in constant communication with as they track the student's progress. At their monthly advisement sessions, students receive guidance uncovering their strengths and weaknesses and set short-term and long-term goals. Frequent and consistent contact with their advisor will provide the tools and support our students need to reach their educational goals.


The mission of the mentoring program is to provide a welcoming and safe space for students to engage in meaningful discussions and relationships building that encourages healthy decision-making and supports the academic, emotional, and physical well-being of students. The goals are:

  • Academic Enhancements provides an additional layer of academic support through in-class written assignments
  • Institutional Commitment involves developing relationships with leaders within Kingsborough Community College
  • Socioemotional Programming are activities that acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This mentoring initiative is delivered by our Men's Resource Center.

Career Exploration

In this course, students have an opportunity to explore careers in relation to their interests, abilities, aptitudes and their college experiences. They learn how to plan for future work and leisure time. Topics include: the nature of work; work ethic; self-assessment; job search; networking. Instruction and practical assignments explore the dynamics and techniques of job-seeking; decision-making; goal-planning and priority-setting. This class can be taught at your site and students can receive one credit if they attending Kingsborough.

Workshops for Parents

Financial Aid Workshops - Parents will be taught about the different financial aid programs available to the students.  They will receive information about the application process (FAFSA and TAP). Parents will receive a list of documents the students would need from them to apply for FA. We will answer questions on confidentiality and undocumented students. Parents will be provided with important deadlines and important dates.

Workshops for Students

Financial Aid - Students information on FAFSA and TAP.  How to Apply for FA.  Important deadlines. Documentation required by Financial Aid Office. Students need to apply for FA every year. FA Office location.

Student Success - Strategies to cope with college demands. High School vs. College.  What is expected from students in college.  Students have the responsibility to take control of every aspect of their college life.  Students need to learn how to read a syllabus and complete what each class requires. College demands and obligations are many, students need to be resourceful and independent learners.  Counselors and professors will not be telling students what they need to do or complete. Review self-defeating habits.

Time Management - Create a daily schedule to track how students use their time.  Go over the schedule and discuss how their time can be used in a more productive manner (are they spending too much time on social media or phone). How many hours daily should be devoted to studying which will depend on number of credits.  How to prioritize and understand what is urgent and what could be postpone for later.

College Resources - Students will familiarized themselves with all the academic and student support resources available to them at KBCC (Center for Academic Writing Success, Tutorial and Academic Support Center, The Center of Math and Technology, Single Stop, Women's Resource Center, Men's Resource Center, etc.)

And others..

Campus Tours

A few times each week, we conduct Campus Tours of Kingsborough's facilities to the public when they sign up on our website for a visit. We reach out to the entire New York City community by visiting high schools, non-profit groups, and local community centers and provide lectures on the application process, explain the available financial aid programs, and promote the many benefits of a Kingsborough and CUNY education. We offer tours for large groups of high school students to visit our campus and learn about our college. These visiting tours often are accompanied by a demonstration in our STEM lab.