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Office of Communications and Marketing

Media Access Protocol Media and Press Strategies and Services


The Office of Communications and Marketing serves as the official voice of the College; promoting positive and consistent images for internal and external audiences through advertising, branding and marketing. The office provides the dissemination of college news, and information about college-wide events that positively endorse the College's mission. From communications strategies that include public relations, advertising and marketing, to social media, creative and graphic design, and photography and video production services, the office directs these efforts to effectively communicate with the college community and the public.

Creative and Design Services. Photography, Video Production and Multimedia Services.
We provide in-house creative and design services for the college community, campus initiatives and events; and assure compliance with College and CUNY graphic brand identity policies, co-branding guidelines and requirements. All designs, and the majority of the printing and production services, are completed on our campus.

Creative and Design Services.

  • Conceptualizes, designs, and produces digital and print materials
  • Proactively develops creative solutions and materials that enhance the College's brand identity and marketing appeal
  • Coordinates, oversees and produces the College's electronic publications and marketing collateral, including the annual report, flyers, stationery, brochures, business cards, invitations, banners, event programs/journals, and print and digital advertising
  • Provides guidance and purchasing recommendations on all aspects of print and electronic production support

Photographic, Video Production and Multimedia Services.

  • Coordinates and maintains a digital photographic library and photo archive of college events, and faculty and staff portraits
  • Provides photography support for on-campus and off-campus events (as available)
  • Creates promotional video materials for student recruitment, retention, fundraising, special events, and the College's website
  • Develops multimedia concepts and presentations for the dissemination of information within the college community and to the general public
  • Uses diverse media tools and platforms for the dissemination of campus news and information

Public Relations. Social Media. Web Services. Marketing. Advertising. Government Relations.
The Office of Communications and Marketing uses a variety of communication methods and tools to reach the public which includes prospective and current students, parents, supporters, and the media among others; through an expanding social media presence, an enhanced website, as well as marketing and advertising campaigns.

Public Relations

  • Develops strategies and campaigns to build positive relationships and increase the visibility of the College with the public, media and all stakeholders
  • Creates engaging stories and content to share with the media, and internal and external audiences
  • Prepares press releases, pitches stories to the media, and organizes press conferences, promotional events, tours and visits on behalf of the college community. 
  • Maintains an active databases of media contacts and influencers

Social Media

  • Monitors and manages social media feeds and the College's social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Writes and produces content and posting for increased social engagement
  • Maintains social media communications with the broader public, students, and alumni with notifications of news, events, job fairs, and more
  • Producing a bi-monthly e-Newsletter featuring events, personalities and developments that impact and/or promotes the college

Web Services

  • Develops and designs website content, including graphics and branding for consistency
  • Provides maintenance of content and information on the website
  • Creates content and graphics for academic and administrative departments and offices


  • Develops and executes marketing concepts and campaigns aimed at increasing enrollment and enhancing the College's appeal to prospective students, and the general public
  • Produces marketing material that introduces the College to the high school population, general public and potential supporters
  • Serves as an outreach arm of the College and works in collaboration with the Offices of Enrollment Management, and Continuing Education, Workforce Development and Strategic Community Partnerships, in an effort to create greater awareness of the College within the community


  • Develops advertising schedules, strategies, and advertising campaigns to provide strategic and creative direction and support
  • Strengthens awareness of the College's brand and identity, specific programs, and initiatives for departments that drive student enrollment and retention
  • Manages ad buys and placements for digital, print, TV, radio and mobile advertising

Government Relations

  • Meets and collaborates with local, state, and federal government officials and lobbyists on budget and legislative issues relating to Kingsborough Community College 
  • Stays current on existing and proposed legislation, and updates management on relevant laws and regulations
  • Assists Vice President of Finance and Administration with the preparation and filing of documentation for annual capital and discretionary funding
  • Coordinates community events with elected officials and Brooklyn-based community organization to increase the community engagement and visibility of Kingsborough Community College