Learning Communities offer students a great way to learn and to connect with other students! As a student in a learning community, you will be part of a group of no more than 25 students in courses that are “linked.”  Your professors work together to help you make connections among the courses, which share a common theme, problem, and/or public issue. You will  get additional support as the learning communities program has its own counselors, advisers, and other support services. In addition, some learning communities can be used to satisfy the writing intensive requirement.

Why should I join a learning community?

LC Student photoStudents in learning communities:

  • Experience college and learn in welcoming environments
  • Get to know their instructors better
  • Learn in ways that improve outcomes end employment opportunities
  • Receive personally tailored guidance from dedicated advisors
  • Become more involved in their own educational decisions
  • Develop team building and communication skills
  • Register for convenient class schedules
  • Enjoy smaller class sizes
  • Finish college faster


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