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English Language Support

LCs for Incoming Freshmen in need of​ English language support

Take ​a two-semester ESL learning communities which link English courses with the First Year Seminar (SD 10), Speech, and another subject area, including Psychology, Sociology, History, and Health Education. These learning communities also include tutoring in a Reading Lab.

For example...

Culture and Contexts

This learning community links English as a Second Language (ESL 101), with Popular Culture in America (HIS 21), Listening and Speaking Skills (SPE 11), an Integrative Language Seminar (ENG 1050), a Freshmen Seminar (SD 10), and Reading Lab with Tutors. Students are asked to explore—through reading, writing, and speaking—the relationships among popular culture, society, and the individual. By the end of the semester, students who study in this learning community will be able to discuss these relationships in spoken and written Standard American English. In the spring semester, English as a Second Language (ESL 102) continues, linked with Effective Public Speaking (SPE21), the Reading Lab, and additional courses of students’ choice.

To learn more, please contact Monica Filimon at 
or at 718-368-6610.

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