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Social Security


Social Security has a terrific new Web-site, Not only can you ask for information about your own Social Security record, you can get estimates of your benefits now and in the future. There's a retirement planner and you can even apply for retirement benefits on-line.

You can also subscribe to ENEWS, a monthly electronic newsletter about Social Security that can be sent to your workstation or home PC. If you would like to be a direct subscriber, you may enroll on line. Social Security is working hard to bring information about programs and services directly to you.


Something New For Women

Social Security has opened a new web-site just for women. "Social Security For Women" was unveiled by Social Security's Acting Commissioner Larry Massanari at a round table with representatives from national women's organizations. Why a special page for women? That's easy, same rules, different situation. The new page recognizes different life stages women may experience--mother, working woman, bride, divorcee, widow, beneficiary and caregiver. Don't forget: women generally live longer than men and rely on Social Security for more of their income when they retire. To learn how Social Security affects women visit

The New Handbook

Have a question? They have answers. You will find them in the 2001 Social Security Handbook. A new question-and-answer format makes it easy to find the information you need fast. Jump right in to find what you need online, or you can print out a copy for your reference but if you do, make sure you have a whole ream of paper before you start! That's just how stocked full of information this handbook is 

Identity Theft Testimony

Identity theft and the misuse of Social Security numbers affect more and more people. We strongly advise you to protect your Social Security card and number. As Congress focuses on the problem, Social Security's Inspector General James Huse recently addressed Senate and House subcommittees. "We as a government created the Social Security number, and we as a government must control it. We need legislation that regulates the use of the Social Security number and provides enforcement tools to punish misuse." He also talked about steps to detect and prevent identity theft, stop payments to fugitive felons and to protect your privacy.

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