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Waiting List Form

Kingsborough Community College Child Development Center
1915 Oriental Boulevard, Room V-105, Brooklyn, New York 11235  Phone (718) 368-5868



Welcome!  Thanks for placing your name on our waiting list.  This is the first and most important step toward enrolling your child in the Child Development Center. Please be sure to write clearly and complete each answer. If you need assistance completing the form, please ask someone at the front desk.

Child Development Center Wait List Form

Registration Policy Overview:

Each semester or module you will receive a new parent registration letter. Please follow the directions in the letter and submit your schedule within the designated time.  Administrative Staff will review all schedules and contact families that we can register. 

If you do not receive a call or email, the Center did not have a space for your child now.  Your child’s name will remain on the waiting list and you will receive a new parent registration letter for the next semester/ module. 

To remain on the waiting list, please respond to each letter by submitting your schedule within the designated time. 

Failure to respond to the New Parent Registration letter for 3 consecutive semesters/ modules will result in your child’s name being removed from the waiting list.  Families are welcome to complete a new waiting list form but will lose their standing on the list. 

Once you are contacted and informed that space is available, you have 6 Business Days to Complete the Registration Process.  There are no extensions or exceptions to this policy.  Failure to complete paperwork and provide all documents will result in forfeiture of a space for your child.