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President's Circle

Trustee's Circle

Ms. Gina Argento

Ms. Suzanne Murphy and Mr. Jeff Barker

Mrs. Rhoda L. Polly ‘80 and Mr. Michael Danziger

Ms. Joan DeFrietas

Ms. Kelly Sullivan

Dean’s Circle

Mr. Andrew Brimmer and Mr. Tom Molnar

Professor Dale A. Siegel

Chairman’s Circle

Mr. Gregg Biermann

Dr. Barbara R. Walters and Mr. Steven Doehrman

Professor Ronald Gerwin

Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Lim

Dean Thelma Malle

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Marsh

Ms. Annice Paolino

Dr. and Mrs. David Plimpton

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sachs

Victoria Loconsolo Foundation

Associate’s Circle


Dr. Uda Bradford

Dr. Loretta Brancaccio-Taras

Mr. Michael Correra

Mr. James Cross

Mr. Andrew Weyman and Ms. Terry Davis

Eugene M. Lang Foundation

Mr. Edward and Dr. Susan Farrell

Vice President and Mrs. Thomas G. Friebel

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maryann Ingenito ‘75

Mrs. Phyllis Levine

Dr. Regina Peruggi and Mr. Gerard A. McCallion

Mr. Dante Orsini

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Romano

Mr. Frank Ruggiero, Delta Phase Electrical Corp

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Slattery

Dr. Anne Winchell Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Watkin

Fellow's Circle


Ms. Joan Bartolomeo

Vice President Elizabeth Basile and Mr. Allen Basile

Dean Marilyn Chernin

Vice President and Mrs. Peter M. Cohen

Mr. Marc Derisse ‘00

Mr. and Mrs. John Drucker

Professor Susan Ednie

Ms. Emilee McGarvey Feldman

Ms. Laura Glazier-Smith ‘87

Mr. Howard Goldberg

Dr. Mary Goldstein

Mr. Gary Hegedus ‘74

Dr. and Mrs. Cliff Hesse

Dr. Otis Hill

Mr. Craig Hinkley

President Farley Herzek and Mrs. Cheryl Herzek

Ms. Beverly Jacobs

Dr. Saul Katz

Ms. Frances Koch

Dr. Catherine Ma

Dr. Fred Malamet

Mr. Michael Miranda ‘06

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Plotkin

Mr. Frank Puleo

Mr. Martin. G. Rosenthal

Mr. Mark Rothberg ‘73

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schleifer ‘93

Mr. William Schwalbe

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Suss

Mr. Greg and Mrs. Janet Warnock ‘71