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Assistive Technology

CUNY Assistive Technology Services:

Web/Online Content Accessibility

W3C: Quality Assurance Tips for Webmasters:

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Teaching Online (University of Central Florida):  

Creating Accessible Documents

Microsoft Office:

Creating Accessible Adobe PDF Files:

Alternate Format Materials Handbook for Postsecondary Disability Service Providers in New York State (NYSDCS):

Universal Design

Center for Universal Design in Instruction:

Applying Universal Design for Instruction to online and blended courses:

Access to post-secondary education through Universal Design learning (Colorado State University):

Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with Disabilities:

Information related to Learning Disabilities

Pedagogical strategies for teachers of Learning Disabled students:

National Center for Learning Disabilities: 

University-Wide Accessibility Projects

CUNY Learning Disability Project

The CUNY Learning Disability (LD) Project, housed at Hostos Community College, is prepared to help CUNY faculty and staff address the needs of students with learning disabilities. The LD Project offers a variety of services, including but not limited to such centralized expertise and continued innovative services as:

Faculty and staff training

Centralized professional development on LD issues for student disability services staff

Faculty workshops via webinar on teaching students with learning disabilities

Individual case consultation

Review and explanation of diagnostic documentation

Assistance with determining appropriate accommodations and support services

Assistance with appropriate academic appeal processes

A library of books and audio and video recordings available to assist instructors, staff, and students to understand LD issues and different learning strategies designed to help students with learning disabilities

To contact the Learning Disabilities Project, please call 718.518.4304.

CUNY Assistive Technology (CATS)

The CUNY Assistive Technology (CATS) Project is funded through the auspices of the Council on Student Disability Issues (COSDI) and is based at Queensborough Community College. The CATS team of assistive technology specialists provides a wide range of support services and tools to CUNY campuses ensuring consistent and state of the art assistive technology throughout the University, such as:

Assistive Technology (AT) installation and maintenance support, budgeting and purchasing guidance, faculty and staff training, and ongoing telephone and on-site technical support

Research on developments and trends in assistive technology and shared information through "Train the Trainers" workshops

Hosting an annual Accessibility Conference

An online collection of assistive technology information through CATSweb

Recommendations for the design and maintenance of adaptive computer labs

Accessibility training for online and hybrid courses

To contact the CATS Project, please call 718.281.5014 or visit  

CUNY Office of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

The Office of Deaf/Hard of Hearing (HOH) services is charged with partnering with CUNY campuses to help provide services to all students with a moderate to severe hearing loss by:

Serving in an advisory capacity to all CUNY offices of disability services to ensure optimal services are maintained and to allow for accommodating each student's unique needs in the most cost effective manner

Recruiting, screening, and referring qualified Sign Language Interpreters to facilitate communication on campuses

Researching and recommending innovative technologies for use by Deaf/HOH students

Developing opportunities to engage Deaf/HOH students in campus activities to increase their visibility, and to better acclimate them to life/work experiences

Collaborating with faculty, staff, and administrators to promote successful integration of Deaf/HOH students into the college experience

To contact The CUNY Office of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services, please call 646.344.7261

Project REACH

REACH (Resources and Education on Autism as CUNY's Hallmark) is a university-wide project (begun December 2011) that is funded in part by the FAR Fund and coordinated by the Central Office Division of Student Affairs of The City University of New York (CUNY) in association with the Office of the University Dean for Health and Human Services.

The purpose of Project REACH is to enhance CUNY's capacity to support its growing population of college students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and to educate faculty and staff through workshops and training about students with ASD.

To find out more about Project REACH, please visit

Project Reach is now headed by Barbara Bookman at

The Media Accessibility Project

This project's mission is to help make audio/visual content accessible to all students. While students with disabilities are the primary beneficiaries of these accommodations, the design and use of accessible course content and materials will benefit all students.

Provide captioning and transcription of inaccessible audio/visual course materials for use by students with disabilities

Conduct direct training to the assistive technology staff at CUNY campuses so they may in turn provide captioning services and heighten awareness of the benefits of captioning

Act as liaison and collaborate with CUNY's instructional designers to raise awareness and provide technical assistance for captioning/transcription

Increase awareness and application of universal design principles when designing video and audio course content and other services across CUNY

Establish collaborations across the University to ensure fully accessible audio/visual content

To contact the Media Accessibility Project, please call 718.281.5014 or visit