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Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is software for PC or Mac which offers a visual and interactive form of note taking. The software allows the user to capture audio live or import their audio from a portable device such as a digital voice recorder. Sonocent is a flexible, interactive workspace for capturing, organizing and reviewing information from lectures. Rather than trying and failing to do everything at once, Sonocent gives students the flexibility to break down the note-taking process into manageable steps, and engage with learning in the way that best suits their individual abilities and learning preferences. Sonocent’s innovative audio visualization enables students to fully engage in classes, and create a personalized, annotated record of lecture information - with minimal cognitive effort. 

Student-controlled capture

The Sonocent note-taking solution comprises a desktop software - Audio Notetaker – and companion mobile app - Sonocent Link, so students can use their preferred device in class: laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The Link app enables students to use their device’s camera to add photos of classroom activities to their recording, or use the Scribble function to create hand-drawn notes, particularly useful for jotting down equations or adding sketch notes. 


“Sonocent allows disabled students to have more agency in their learning. Students can actively engage in class material in ways that are comfortable and work best for their individualized needs”.

María Zoraida Maclay, Disability Resources Specialist