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Other Notetaking Services

Peer Note Taker

(Scribe assistance for classes that require in-class writing) 

  • Students may choose to identify another student in their class to share their notes. If you are unable to identify a suitable note taker, AAS will assist you in this process by making an announcement in the class or by asking the professor to do so. The announcement will not mention you by name. If you are in a Developmental English class, AAS will send a notetaker to the class, at your request.
  • AAS will pay peer notetakers for their services. Please send your notetaker to D205, to schedule an appointment to receive further instructions. The peer notetaker must be a full-time student. Each student using peer notetaker service has a folder in the AAS office. AAS will allow peer notetakers to make two copies of their notes, at no charge, in our office. The notetaker will leave one copy of the notes in your folder for you to pick up; the other is the office copy.  You and your peer notetaker may agree on other arrangements for sharing notes. In each scenario, however, the notetaker must provide AAS with a copy of the notes.  These notes can be emailed to our office via 

Inform AAS if you (1) can’t find a note-taker, (2) the notetaker is not working to your expectations, or (3) you no longer need note-taking/lecture capture assistance.