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NASA Student Participation Opportunity

Planetary Science Division - H20 Program - Current Partners & Mission Pairings

Student Opportunity
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Professors Jaret, Weisberg, Howard, and Park, and in Physical Sciences have received a NASA grant to create a learning cohort focused on space exploration that will be paired with the NASA Dragonfly mission to Saturn.

As part of this NASA grant, students will take part in monthly meet-ups with us that center on space exploration, engineering, astrobiology, and planetary science.

This will include meetings with the NASA team members and participation in joint NASA-KCC programing.

Additionally, in the spring, we will take the students on two overnight trips including one to John’s Hopkins Applied Physics Lab where the spacecraft is being built and will be controlled.

We are one of 6 cohorts selected from across the country and we are really excited for what this opportunity could bring to our students.

Students who are interested should contact:
Professor Steven Jaret
Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Science
Department of Physical Sciences, S315