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The Chemistry Self-Assessment Quiz will help you determine which of the two General Chemistry I courses you should register for. Please follow the steps:

Step #1

Go To >

Step #2

Click On > Assignments > Assessment Quiz

Step #3

Complete & Submit the Quiz

Step #4

Register for the appropriate Chemistry Class
(Chem 1100 or Chem 11-01)

This is a 30-minute self-assessment quiz for KCC College Chemistry.
Only use the periodic table provided in this quiz.
A scientific calculator is recommended.

A score higher than 70% (14+ points) means you can register for
General Chemistry 1100 (CHM11).
A score less than 70% (<14 points) means you MUST register for
General Chemistry 11-01 (CHM1101).

Our Goal is to help you succeed in your first semester of college chemistry, therefore you must follow the guidance provided here as you choose the appropriate chemistry class.