Mental Health Field Internships

As a Mental Health and Human Services major, part of your degree coursework includes the fulfillment of 2 field internships, MH9801 and MH9802.

These fields are designed to give you direct experience in a variety of mental health care environments. When doing your field, you will be working in a real facility and with real people, much like you would as a mental health professional.

Field Internship Descriptions (under construction)

Some of your placements can be work with:

Retirement facilities
Schools for the developmentally disabled
Substance Abuse counseling
Domestic violence counseling
Social justice
Fields are available during all semesters and modules. 

During the fall and spring 12-week semesters, fields take place during these times:

  • Tuesday, 9:00AM-3:00PM
  • Friday, 9:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Saturday, 9:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 3:00PM - 6:00PM

During the winter and summer 6-week modules, fields take place during these times:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Express (3 weeks): Mo/Tu/We/Th, 9:00AM - 3:00PM


To register for a field, you have to go through the Mental Health office.

  1. The semester BEFORE you want your field, go to the Mental Health office, Room D313 and fill out the Field Internship Sign-Up Form(hyperlink to 2012-11-08 - Field Signup Form_distributed.pdf). You can also click on it to print it out and hand it in.
  2. We assign you to a field. We consider your preferences as best we can. 
  3. We will contact you over email to tell you which field you can register for.
  4. After we tell you which field you are in, go back to the Mental Health office, Room D313, to get the code to register for your field. 
  5. Register for the field using the code we give you.
  6. Check to see if your field requires a packet of forms to fill out BEFORE the field begins.
    • Get your immunization records from KCC Health Services, Room A108.
    • Have your physician fill out your basic health information
    • Some fields require that you get 2 PPD (Tuberculosis) tests, which happen a week apart.
  7. Some fields require you bring the forms
    •  to the Mental Health office, Room D313 by a deadline  OR to the first Field orientation meeting of the semester.