City University of New York Kingsborough Community College Paramedic Program

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Emergency Medical Services /Paramedic

Requirements :

Course Descriptions:


A.A.S. Degree in Emergency Medical Services Professional title:  Paramedic
Department: Allied Health/Mental Health
Total credits: 60

Requirements for Matriculants
· Successful completion of CUNY Tests in Reading and Writing and the COMPASS Math Skills Test with passing examination scores
  or developmental courses may be required.
· One (1) Writing Intensive course in any discipline from any category below is required.  Participation in a Learning   Community
   that includes ENG 1200 or 2400 also satisfies this requirement.
· Two (2) Civic Engagement experiences—satisfied by CE-Certified or CE-Component courses or approved outside activity. 
       See Graduation Requirements in this catalog.

 Required Core:

Required Core:                    
          Freshman English I *ENG 12 3 credits    
          Freshman English II *ENG 24 3 credits    
                6 credits    
Flexible Core                    
Life and Physical Sciences       Human Anatomy and Physiology I *BIO 11 4 credits    
Scientific World         Human Anatomy and Physiology II *BIO 12 4 credits    
          General Psychology *PSY 11 3 credits    
Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning   Any 3 credit math course *MAT 3 credits    
                14 credits    
Department requirements:                
          EMT Basic   *EMS 100 5 credits    
          EMT Basic Clinical *EMS 101 1 credit    
                6 credits    
    Fall Semester   Paramedic I   EMS 210 7 credits    
    Fall Semester   Paramedic Clinical I EMS 211 2 credits    
    Winter Semester   Paramedic II   EMS 220 5 credits    
    Winter Semester   Paramedic Clinical II EMS 221 3 credits    
    Spring Semester   Paramedic III   EMS 230 7 credits    
    Spring Semester   Paramedic Clinical III EMS 231 2 credits    
    Summer Semester Paramedic IV   EMS 240 5 credits    
    Summer Semester Paramedic Clinical IV EMS 241 3 credits    
                34 credits    
              Total credits 60 credits    
Other credentials:  NYS Department of Health Paramedic, NYC Regional EMS Council Paramedic, National Registry Paramedic  
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Last updated:  November 12, 2013