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Mission Statement

The mission of the physical education teaching concentration is to prepare students for transfer into a baccalaureate program to pursue state certification in teaching. An additional purpose is to prepare students for occupations in athletics, sports or recreation activities other than teaching.

Physical Education Teaching Concentration: Goals are as follows:

1. To provide students with a rigorous academic program, supervised fieldwork and practical teaching experiences in physical education that will prepare them for transfer into a Baccalaureate program.

2. To provide students with knowledge and practical experience in using the national and/or state standards, as well as assessment tools in physical education.

3. To provide students with the content knowledge, sport and activity skills to effectively teach physical education.

4. To provide students with knowledge and practical experience in First Aid, Safety, and CPR to enable them to address safety issues in physical education.

5. To provide students with a foundation in leadership, personal values, and ethical standards as they relate to physical education pedagogy.

6. To provide students with the technological and communication skills (reading, writing, and speaking) necessary to effectively teach physical education.

The program in Physical Education, Recreation and Recreation Therapy (PERRT) offers an A.S. degree in Physical Education for students wishing to pursue careers in teaching. The concentration prepares students to teach and lead physical education classes in public and private schools (grades K-12), as well as community centers, health clubs and summer camps. The physical education program prepares students to teach, covers content knowledge, and covers assessment of learning outcomes. Upon completion of the degree, students can transfer to a B.S. Degree at Brooklyn, York or Queens college to receive state certification in physical education teaching. Other four year colleges that offer physical education teaching include St. John's and Adelphi University, and St. Francis College.


The Physical Education Teaching Program consists of courses in sports skills (individual, dual and team sports), Methodology of Teaching Physical Education, fitness and exercise courses to prepare students to teach physical education in elementary, middle and high schools. Additionally, the program is affiliated with elementary, middle, and high schools for fieldwork sites where students receive experiential training as part of a fieldwork course. Students complete 100 hours of practical experience at a site of their choice under the mentorship of a qualified professional.


It has been projected that there will be many job opportunities in the field of physical education in the future. These projections are based on teacher shortages and projected retirements of in-service teachers, as well as a growing public understanding of the significance of physical activity for lifetime wellness.

Physical education promotes movement, motor learning, social interaction, play, sport participation and fitness as integral components of development and wellness. It is particularly important for children to cultivate pleasure and joy in movement in order to promote lifetime physical activity and wellness.


RPE  11- 
Introduction to Recreation and Physical Education
RPE  12-  Leadership in Recreation, Physical Education, and Sport Management 
RPE  31- Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities I
RPE  32-  Organization and Administration of Recreation, Phys. Ed.,  Sport Management
RPE  40-  Sport and American Society
RPE  70-  Methods of Teaching Fitness in Physical Education
RPE  91-  Field Experience in Physical Education, Rec./Rec. Therapy, Sport Management  
HPE  12- Concepts of Wellness

Students are also required to complete four sports skill courses (PEC, PEM, PEW) that may be selected from a number of team, individual, dance, or aquatic courses.

Kingsborough Community College provides excellent Fieldwork Sites for students to receive hands-on-training from licensed professionals.

Students will complete their fieldwork in a number of Physical Education Department of Education schools including MS 51, and New Utrecht, Murrow, and Goldstein high schools.

If you have sound values and beliefs about teaching physical education and desire to impart them to youngsters, stop by G-305. The physical education teaching program is seeking students who have a desire to become teachers and sports and recreation administrators.

Contact: Dr. Nicholas Skirka at 718-368-5290 or Office Phone (5831) for an appointment Email: