How to sign-up for tutoring

Username is your first name.your last name and last 2 digits of your emplid Ex:Steve.Harris19

Password is the first initial of your first name capitalized, and the first initial of your last name, not capitalized, and the first 6 digits of your emplid. Ex:Sh104302

  • Step #3 Click the icon that says “Tutoring” for all subjects other than Writing. For writing tutoring: Click on the “Writing Tutoring” icon. 

    You can cancel any of your tutoring appointments at any time by clicking on the cancel appointment option.

  • Step #4 Select the course you want tutoring in

  • Step #5 Select the day & time

  • Step #6 Confirm appointment by putting in your email & phone number

  • Step #7 Your tutor will be sending you the Zoom meeting invite link after you confirm your tutoring appointment. The Zoom email link will be sent to your Kingsborough email address account only. 

  • Two minute instructional video on how to sign-up for tutoring:

Are you having trouble signing-in to your account? Please email the for assistance.