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Kingsborough Learning Center (KLC)

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Welcome To Kingsborough Learning Center (KLC)

The KLC has switched to a new tutoring appointment system!  We will now be using TracCloud in place of Inside.kbcc. Click on the "How to sign-up for tutoring"  link to get more information.

The Kingsborough Learning Center offers tutoring sessions both in-person and online. There will be tutoring available on campus for most classes that are taking place in-person (Math, Writing and Science).  Tutoring sessions will be offered on an appointment basis. The entire tutoring schedules is available on You should log-in to view the most up to date tutoring availability. If the appointment/session has a room listed in the Library building, then your appointment is scheduled to meet in-person. If it says online by the room location, then the appointment will be online via Zoom. For your online session, the tutor will send you the Zoom link after you successfully book your appointment. 

At KLC we provide a supportive and welcoming learning environment to all KCC students. Our tutors provide academic support and expert guidance to every student. By tailoring our services to each student's needs, and by ensuring access and availability to all students, the KLC team fosters student success in all their courses. We provide tutoring in almost all KCC courses. In addition to content tutors, we have writing tutors as well.

One of our main tutoring goals at the KLC is to help students become independent thinkers and learners. KLC strives to maximize academic potential and promote student growth and development. We adhere to the following views of learning modules:

  • Active learning improves a student’s ability to be successful and leads to student ownership of learning.

  • Collaboration encourages the development of critical thinking and benefits both learner and tutor.

  • Tutors model successful learning strategies that encourage students to thrive academically and in their personal lives.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kingsborough Learning Center (KLC) is to foster the potential of each student by offering a comprehensive tutoring program that empowers participants to cultivate the skills, strategies, and behaviors of confident, independent, and lifelong learners.  We collaborate with faculty, academic departments, and other campus resources to offer a broad range of tutoring programs and services that help students succeed in the classroom and beyond.


The overall vision of the Kingsborough Learning Center is to empower Kingsborough students to achieve academic success by providing an engaging and structured learning environment where they can master skills needed to perform in their classes and become lifelong learners


KLC Summer 2024 Tutoring Schedule