Kingsborough Learning Center  Tutoring -FAQ’s



What is live online tutoring?

  • Live online tutoring utilizes internet-based software where a student can sign-up for a virtual tutoring appointment with a KBCC tutor.

What software/online platform will be used to deliver the online tutoring?

  • We are using Zoom to deliver the live online tutoring sessions.
  • The Math Multiple Repeater Workshop Biology 11/12 Supplemental Instruction and TEAS Prep Workshops will be using Blackboard with Collaborate.

How do I sign-up for tutoring?

Your username and password will be the same log-in credentials as your Kingsborough College email

  • Step #3 Once you have successfully logged-in, click the icon that says KCC TracCloud

  • Step #4 Click on the icon that says schedule an appointment
  • Step #5 In the schedule an appointment box you’ll need to:

a.       Select the option that says choose date and center

b.       The class you want tutoring in

c.        The reason for tutoring

d.      Then click search

  • Step #6 Now the schedule appointment page will load. You should select the Learning Center for all content tutoring other than writing. If you need writing tutoring, select the Writing Center. Then click search.

·         Step #7 The schedule appointment page will load. A drop-down menu with the available tutoring times will appear Choose the tutoring time, location & type of session that you want (Online or In-Person). Then click save.

·         Step #8 You will receive a tutoring confirmation email with the appointment information. If it is an online session, you will receive the Zoom meeting link. If it is an in-person session, you should report to the room listed.


What subjects are available for online tutoring?

  • Almost all KBCC courses will be available via online tutoring. Log-in to your inside.kbcc account to view the full tutoring schedule.

How many subjects can I receive tutoring in each semester?

  • You can receive tutoring in up to 2 subjects per semester and a total of 4 hours per week (2 hours per subject).

How is tutoring assigned?

  • Students are placed with a tutor based on the student’s availability and on a first come first serve basis, through the online system. You are signing up for a weekly appointment that will last the entire semester.

Can I cancel my tutoring session?

  • Yes, if you no longer need the tutoring, or need to change the time. You can log-in to your account and click cancel appointment. 

Is the tutoring offered individually or in a group setting?

  • For most subjects, students are placed in a small group setting. Usually 3-4 students per group. The Writing tutoring will be an individualized tutoring session.

Is there an attendance policy?

  • If a student is absent 2 consecutive times or 3 random times, the student will be dropped from tutoring. It is in the student’s best interest to email KLC.KCC@kbcc.cuny.edu and provide a valid reason for their absence in advance. 

Who are the tutors?

  • Our tutors are required to have a 3.5 GPA or higher, and have received an A in the course they are tutoring in. The tutors also come highly recommended by a faculty member and go through a rigorous hiring and training process. For certain courses, the tutor will be a Professor or a faculty member.

What are the tutor’s responsibilities?

  • Discussing class material and test questions
  • Tutors will help student to understanding and making sense of concepts, theories and principles
  • Tutor will help to organize ideas and to help students communicate effectively in formal and informal writing
  • The tutor’s questions are meant to help you collaboratively generate ideas together

What can’t the tutor do? 

  • The tutor will not do your homework, exams or fix your paper

How should a student prepare for an online session?

  • Ensure that you have a good internet connection.
  • Reserve a quiet space away from distractions.
  • Come to the tutoring session prepared with questions and material to discuss with the tutor.

 What are the hours tutoring is available?

          Fall & Spring Hours: 

  • Monday-Thursday from 9:10 AM – 7:30 PM

            Friday from 9:10 AM - 3:00 PM

           Winter & Summer Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM