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Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center is a holistic place that encourages, educates, facilitates, and connects students with needed resources. Students are empowered to make informed decisions about their health and cultivate well-being through education and outreach.
What is a Wellness appointment?

During wellness visit(s), a counselor will help to facilitate an environment where the student will be able to address their concerns, create a plan, problem solve, and develop healthy solutions targeted toward positive changes and transformations.

There are no trivial or complex questions about a student’s well-being whether it is emotional, health related or an academic issue.

How to make an appointment?
The Student Wellness Center hours
Monday 9a-7p
Tuesday 9a-7p
Wednesday 9a-5p
Thursday 9a-6p
Friday 9a-5p

Walk-in hours are (no appointment required):

Monday 11a-3p
Tuesday 11a-3p
Thursday 10a-1:30p


Our Mission

The mission of the Student Wellness Center at Kingsborough Community College is to support students and encourage the pursuit of healthier lifestyles.  The Student Wellness Center provides consultations and education on how to balance study, relationships and life commitments.  It also provides guidance on how to incorporate the interaction between mind and body.  The Student Wellness Center offers a holistic approach and creates an environment that fosters positive change.  

Our History

The Student Wellness Center is a merger of two services, the HELM Center and the outreach initiatives formerly organized by Counseling Services.  The two services blended and now provide a more holistic approach to helping Kingsborough’s students. 

Ilona Fridson, LCSW,
Student Wellness Center Program Manager.

Maribel Mendoza,
Student Wellness Center’s Health Educator.


What Other Services Does Counseling Services Offer?

Counseling Services offers ESL Support Services and ESL Peer Mentorship.

We offer consultation to faculty and staff upon request, including information on our services, recognizing and responding to students in distress, and when/how to make a referral. 

For detailed information about these and other services, please refer to the Student Wellness Center, the ESL Support Services, ESL Peer Mentors, and For Faculty and Staff sections of this website, respectively.   


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Pearl Bodansky EP - United Health Care

Ella Peck EP - United Health Care

Peer Counseling Educators

Peer Counseling Educators are one of the levels of support helping KBCC students to overcome their barriers for optimum performance on college campus. Peer counselors are undergraduate students with an interest in psychology, counseling, health promotion and mental health education and outreach. Peer counselors offer psycho-educational workshops, class visits and presentations, as well as outreach events of the Student Wellness Center.


An integral part of the Student Wellness Center is providing psycho-educational programs for Kingsborough Community College students.  The Student Wellness Center is committed to serving the mental health needs of our students. This includes reaching out to students through tabling in the breezeways with our counseling staff and mental health graduate and undergraduate interns; providing various psycho-educational workshops and other psycho-educational assessments, and offering anxiety screenings and substance abuse screenings. For details on our events, please click on the Upcoming Events link below.


The Student Wellness Center provides in-person free mental health screenings throughout the academic year. Depression Screenings are facilitated every fall semester. Anxiety and alcohol screenings are conducted during the spring Semester.