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About SGA

SGA is YOUR voice in what's happening on campus. SGA students work with on- and off-campus staff, administration, and legislators to represent student interests and create change.

 2019-2020 KCC SGA Candidates

President: Jonathan Ovetskiy
VicePresident for Legislative Affairs:Johnathan Vaknin
Vice President for Academic Affairs:Anthony Ng
Vice President for Student Affairs:Celis Hinds
Vice President for Finance and Administration: Cameron Prillman 
Vice President for Public Relations & Communication:Yuwei Fang
Campus Activities Board Chair:Humas Ali

*Senators (12 Seats): Hamza Ali, Lunisha Augustin, Ralph Compere, Zelicia Holder, Dmytro Khudobin, Kellie Marty, Shaquowri Montgomery, Diana Vargas, Shazada Zabin

**College Council (5 At-Large Seats): 


Student Government Association


Room C-123
Phone:  (718) 368-5597
Fax: (718) 368-4801