Student Government Elections

Nominations Packet 2018 Special Election 12.4.18.pdf

SGA Constitution 3.19.18.docx

All nominations are due in the Office of Student Life no later than 12:00pm on Tuesday, December 4th. Candidates must attend the elections meeting at 4:30pm on Tuesday, December 4th.

SGA is currently accepting nominations in anticipation of the following vacancies at the end of the Fall 2018 semester:

  • Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Senator (5 Anticipated)
  • College Council At-Large (3 Anticipated)
In the event that a current Senator runs for and wins a vacant Cabinet (VP) position, additional Senators will be elected up to a total number of 12 Senators.

Complete information and position descriptions are in the above Nominations Packet and the SGA Constitution. 

Student Government is a great way to get involved on a higher level, and to help affect change on campus. SGA students sit on a variety of campus boards and committees to provide feedback, allocate funds, and impact policy changes for campus.

The next annual elections will occur in April/May 2019. At that time, students may run for any of the following positions, with terms to include the 2019-2020 academic year.

  • *President
  • *Vice President for Legislative Affairs
  • *Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • *Vice President for Student Affairs
  • *Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • *Vice President for Public Relations & Communication
  • *Campus Activities Board Chair
  • ^(12) Senators
  • ^(8) Judicial Affairs Committee Representatives
  • ^(5) At-Large College Council Representatives
* - Students may only run for one Cabinet position, but may also declare for Senate, Judicial Affairs, and College Council.
^ - For positions needing multiple students, the students (equal to the number shown above) receiving the highest vote totals shall be selected.

The seven positions marked with an asterisk (*) are the SGA Cabinet. Cabinet positions will parallel KCC Administrative positions, and will meet regularly with their designated admin contact to discuss campus issues and address student concerns.

CAB Chair
The CAB Chair is a member of the SGA Cabinet, but is also responsible for chairing the Campus Activities Board, and overseeing all of its operations.

The SGA Senate will work directly with the KCC academic department chairs to deal with matters directly related to the individual departments and their students. Senators will also provide the main voice for the position of the student body as a whole and will devise solutions for campus-wide student issues.

Judicial Affairs Committee
Judicial Affairs Committee exists separate from KCC SGA, and is overseen by the campus' Chief Judicial Officer, through the Office of Student Affairs. Eight students will be selected as student representatives, and will work alongside faculty and staff to hear and render decisions on student judicial cases, as requested. Students do NOT have to run for any other SGA positions in order to run for Judicial Affairs Committee.

College Council

In addition to 15 KCC SGA positions which will automatically be appointed to College Council, five additional at-large candidates to College Council will be elected. College Council is the campus-wide, shared governance body, with student, faculty, and staff representatives. Students do NOT have to run for any other SGA positions in order to run for College Council at-large.

All nominees MUST:

Any violations of the Election or Campaign Guidelines must be reported, in writing, within 24 hours to the Office of Student Life, or via email at