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How to File a Report


Students, faculty, staff and other community members wishing to file a complaint/incident report regarding the inappropriate behavior (violation of the Henderson Rules to Maintain Public Order or other campus policies) of students on campus may do so by completing the online incident report form.  In the report, please make sure to include the sequences of events and any other relevant facts or background.  Please be as specific as possible in regards to dates, times, student's involved (include ID number) and statements that were spoken (please use quotations).  All complaints need to be submitted in writing.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 718-368-5563.

The Office of Student Conduct may reach out to you for clarification regarding your report.  Additionally, the Office of Student Conduct will update you regarding the handling of the situation while maintaining the confidentiality of the student involved.  Please keep in mind depending on the complexity of the situation this may take anywhere from a few days to longer periods of time.  Understand that the information you provide will NOT be considered anonymous. While the Office of Student Conduct makes every effort to ensure the privacy and safety of the person reporting the concern, the information provided and where it came from may be shared with the student at any time throughout the process.


Disciplinary referrals are reports that are filed directly with Public Safety.  All disciplinary referrals are forwarded to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for review.  Additionally, any individuals can file a complaint with Public Safety regarding the inappropriate behavior of students on campus at Kingsborough Community College.


The Assessment and Care Team (ACT) is the primary group of individuals who deal with students of concern.  Members of ACT identify, investigate, assess, refer, monitor and take action in response to behaviors exhibited by Kingsborough students that may pose a threat to themselves or the college community.  For more information on how to file an ACT report please visit their webpage.


For reports related to academic dishonesty, please refer to the Academic Dishonesty section of the Student Conduct website.

If there is an immediate emergency to the health or safety of any individual on campus, please contact Public Safety by calling 718-368-7777.