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World Affairs

JAWS Gives Great White Sharks A Bad Name
By Shaka Williams

It was shocking to discover why great white sharks are endangered, but it was even more sickening to find out that they are now more endangered than tigers. Ironically, the JAWS franchise is to blame.

The poor public image of great white sharks as mindless man-eaters is one of the contributing factors to great white sharks being pushed to the brink of extinction, along with sport-hunting and overfishing.


Saving the Planet One Tiger at a Time
By Shaka Williams

What animal has captured the hearts and minds of society for generations? The tiger.

From art to advertising and as a symbol of untamed nature, tigers have brought wonder to the imagination of man. Sadly, the tiger is on the verge of vanishing from the wild forever.

Guess which species is to take the lion's share of the blame? If you guessed humans, then you are right.


Libyan Revolution: Gaddafi's Forces Continue Attacks
By Maria Panskaya

The protest against the government of Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi, the president of Libya, was inspired by recent events in Egypt and Tunisia.

The rebellion began in mid-February as a series of protests, which have spread across the country.