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For Women, The Times They Are a Changin'
By Tarie Khoraam

The living conditions for women in Afghanistan have changed since the fall of the Taliban and in the ongoing presence of westerners (particularly Americans) since then. Education is now available for females, a dream that was lost until the early 90s. Additionally, Afghani women are being trained as beauticians, resulting in them being able to establish their own businesses.

Progress, that stands as testament to the fact that women can achieve their goals if they are allowed to develop a craft and to excel academically without hindrance, like the sort which has plagued Afghanistan for centuries.

Professionalism: the Key to Success
By Claudia Kassab

This past winter module, KCC welcomed Professor Lela Nargi to teach the Feature Writing and Media course. From the start Nargi made her expectations of the students known.

Nargi grew up in Vermont, New York. Having earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism at Bennington College, she began working at Manchester Journal on art related topics. Over the years, Nargi has published articles in Regardie's Magazine, Fortune Magazine and People Magazine.

She has even published books on knitting and traveling. Nargi also has a children's book the released on March 8, 2011.