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From:  President
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2022

Dear Campus Community,  

I ask that you keep members of our college community, our Manhattan Beach neighborhood, and the southern Brooklyn community in your thoughts and prayers during this time of tension, conflict and military action in Ukraine.  Many members of our community have loved ones in the region and I can only imagine what they are experiencing right now. Colleagues, regardless of where we stand on this issue and the many other issues confronting the world, we must all stand together as a united Kingsborough community.

I know that praying for peace is not enough.  We must consistently act for peace, not just when there is local, national, or international strife, but in our everyday interactions with each other and in our work.  This work that we do in higher education is critical to preparing future generations to put diplomacy, the sanctity of life, tolerance for difference, respect for diversity and each other above the political and the personal. Let us continue to promote understanding, acknowledge the humanity in each of us and make progress towards creating a better world for all of us.

Know that counseling services are available for all members of our campus community.  If you need support, please call 718-368-5975 or email

-President Schrader