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Message to the College Community

Stand with Me

From: President
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Dear Campus Community,

After the senseless act of violence and anti-Semitism that resulted in the loss of precious life in New Jersey yesterday, I struggled throughout the late night and into today with what to say to you. Just when I knew what I wanted to say,  I was  again struck with a loss for words.  This morning, Public Safety reported to me that anti-Semitic and racist graffiti were found in a bathroom near the cafeteria.  The area has been secured and NYPD Hate Crimes Division has been notified.

My heart thinks about those who lost their lives and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost love ones yesterday. No one should have to suffer because of who they are or what they believe.  Intolerance and disrespect breed hate and hate spawns what we see happening around the world, in our city and yesterday in New Jersey.  We cannot let intolerance and disrespect take root on our campus.   We are better than this and we have to continue teach and show our students to do better.

I write to reaffirm my commitment to stand for our core values and against anti-Semitism, hatred and bigotry and I implore you to do the same.


Claudia V. Schrader, Ed.D.