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The table below lists Kingsborough Online's course offerings

While we were working to provide you with as many online opportunities as we can, not all courses are suited to a fully online environment.   If you don't see the course you want listed below, you may want to learn more about our face to face and hybrid opportunities by clicking here.  You can also email us suggestions for courses you'd like to see offered through KCC Online by sending an email to

To enroll in any of these online courses, please view the video below:


KCC Online Courses


Course Title

Course Number

Offered   Spring 2020?

Offered Summer 2020?

Offered          Fall 2020?

Offered     Winter 2021?







Fundamentals of Accounting

ACC 1100





Fundamentals of Accounting II

ACC 1200









Introduction to Anthropology

ANT 3700

Sexuality and Culture

ANT 3900









Survey of Art History: Prehistory to the Present

ART 3100



Survey of Art History: From Ancient to

Renaissance Art

ART 3300

Survey of Art History: Renaissance to 19th

Century Art

ART 3400


History of Women in Art

ART 3900




Drawing I

ART 5700










Topics in Biology: CUNY Core

BIO 100



Preview of General Chemistry

CHM 100

Introduction to Green Chemistry (with lab)

CHM 200


Introduction to Astronomy (with lab)

EPS 3500




Introduction to Earth Science (with lab)

EPS 3800

Developments in Physical Science (with lab)

SCI 3700

The Science of Nutrition (with lab)

SCI 7000







Fundamentals of Business

BA 1100

Business Law I

BA 1200


Business Law II

BA 1300


Principles of Marketing

BA 1400

Organizational Behavior & Management

BA 3100



Introduction to Computer Concepts

BA 6000




ECO 1200




ECO 1300



Money & Banking

ECO 1400

Community Health/Health Education






Introduction to Community Health Services

COH 1100


Critical Issues in Community Health

COH 1200




COH 1300




Community Health Interventions

COH 2000



Critical Issues in Personal Health

HE 1400



Women’s Health Issues

HE 3800



Course Title

Course Number

Offered   Spring 2020?

Offered  Summer 2020?

Offered            Fall 2020?

Offered     Winter 2021?

Drugs: The Individual and Society

HS 4000



Health and Nutrition

HE 4200

Concepts of Wellness

HPE 1200



Global Health Issues

HS 4100

Human Sexuality

HS 5200


Men’s Health Issues

HE 5400









Composition I

ENG 1200



Composition II

ENG 2400



Introduction to Literature

ENG 3000



Short Fiction

ENG 4000



Gothic and Horror Fiction

ENG 6800




Themes in American Literature II: 1865 to Present

ENG 7300




Themes in American Literature II: 1865 to Present

ENG 7400




History/Philosophy/Political Science/Criminal Justice





American Civilization I

HIS 1100




The Ancient World

HIS 5100




Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

HIS 6600




Introduction to Philosophical Problems

PHI 7000


Introduction to Ethics

PHI 7400



Ethics and Morality in the Health Professions

PHI 7600




American Government and Politics

POL 5100



Introduction to Criminal Justice

POL 6300



Constitutional Law

POL 6600



Minorities in the Criminal Justice System

POL 7200




CRJ 6900










General Psychology

PSY 1100



Human Growth & Development

PSY 3200

Introduction to Sociology

SOC 3100

Urban Sociology

SOC 3200










Survey of Communication

SPE 1000




Effective Public Speaking

SPE 2100




Career Communication

SPE 2400



Mass Media

MCM 3000

Media Technology

MCB 4600

Writing for Electronic Media

MCB 5000


Film: The Creative Medium

MCF 4000







Introduction to Jazz

MUS 2100










Course Title

 Offered   Spring 2020?

Spring 2020?

Offered   Spring 2020?

Offered   Spring 2020?

Offered   Spring 2020?

Issues in Nursing

NUR 2400



Recreation & Physical Education






Introduction to Recreation & Physical


RPE 1100




Substance Abuse Counseling






Introduction to Alcoholism Substance Abuse


SAC 2000




Counseling Techniques in Substance Abuse Field I

SAC 2200




Counseling Techniques in Substance Abuse

Field II

SAC 2400




Approaches to Treatment: Varieties of

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Modalities

SAC 2800




Addiction & the Family

SAC 3200




Student Development






Freshmen Seminar

SD 1000




Career and Life Planning

SD 1100



Tourism & Hospitality






Introduction to Travel and Tourism

TAH 100

Labor Relations & Customer Service

TAH 500




Tourism Entrepreneurship

TAH 1200




The Business of Tourism & Hospitality

TAH 1900




Tourism & Hospitality Marketing

TAH 2500




Financial Decision Making

TAH 3000




The Virtual Enterprise

TAH 9096




Field Experience in Tourism & Hospitality

TAH 9250