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Kingsborough Community College is dedicated to helping you find course options (called "modes of instruction") that fit your academic goals, your budget, and your schedule. Because we know scheduling is a challenge for many students, we offer traditional on-campus courses, fully online courses and even an option in-between.

The list below describes each distinctive KCC mode of instruction and explains how they are designed to suit particular needs. More than likely, you will recognize yourself in more than one of the descriptions; it's also quite possible that your needs may change from one semester to the next.

The good news is that KCC doesn t expect you to commit to a single instructional mode for your entire time at the college; we're flexible, and we recognize that like many students, you might be best served by a combining different instructional modes from semester to semester or within a single semester. If you're unsure what mode to choose, speak to your advisor about experimenting with all the modes until you find the right ones for you.

Instruction Mode


This Mode May Appeal to You If:


The full course is offered face to face on campus according to the course schedule in CUNY1st. There are no required online activities or assignments.

  • you have a flexible schedule
  • you enjoy a   classroom environment and relish on-campus energy
  • you learn best within a structured environment
  • you are more comfortable speaking than writing, your access to the internet is limited
  • and/or you don t feel comfortable interacting online
  • you've never taken an online or hybrid course


Between 33 and 80% of the scheduled classes are held on campus in a classroom.  The remaining meetings are replaced with virtual meetings or other online activities. 

  • your schedule makes it difficult for you to be on campus three or four days a week
  • you have a lengthy commute
  • you have reliable access to the internet
  • you like the convenience of accessing course materials online
  • you are comfortable communicating online but value face to face contact
  • you've never taken an online course


100% of course meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings. 

  • You have a rigid or unpredictable schedule
  • you have multiple commitments outside college
  • you value the convenience of completing course work and engaging with your classmates and professor at any time of day or night
  • your time management skills are strong
  • you have excellent internet access
  • you enjoy interacting online, especially in writing
  • you've successfully taken an online course in the past five years