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All Custodial

All Custodial and Skilled Trade Staffs


TO: All Custodial and Skilled Trade Staff
FROM: Mickie Driscoll, Executive Director of Human Resources and Labor Designee
SUBJECT: Procedure in the Event of Emergency Closing
Date: January 8, 2019

I write to alert you once again as to procedures in the event of an "Emergency Closing." An Emergency Closing" is defined as cancellation of classes due to weather, transportation or other major emergencies.

In case of a snow emergency, employees in the following titles are required to report to work:  Laborers, Auto Mechanics, High Pressure Plant Tenders, Stationary Engineers, and all Custodial (including hourly) personnel.  These employees are required to report to work as scheduled unless otherwise notified to report at an earlier time by appropriate supervisory personnel.  All other employees are required to call 718-368-5132*.  A voice mail message will provide instructions regarding the requirement for you to report to work.  If this line is busy, you must try again until you receive instructions for your title.  REMEMBER - IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL TO FIND OUT IF YOU SHOULD REPORT TO WORK.

For any other type of emergency, all employees must call the voice mail to find out whether they are required to report to work.  Members of the Skilled Trades staff must call 718-368-5132*. Members of the Custodial Staff must call 718-368-5083*. Again, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL TO FIND OUT IF YOU SHOULD REPORT TO WORK.

We recognize the difficulty many might have in traveling to the College, especially during a closing caused by weather conditions such as hurricanes, tropical storms, snow, etc., but your services are essential if the College is to be able to resume normal operations.

It should be noted that the above policy is consistent with existing contracts and provides Kingsborough Community College with no option to excuse absences on these occasions.  In this regard satisfactory medical documentation must be submitted to support any use of sick leave during a period of Emergency Closing.   Lack of such documentation and/or failure to report to work during an Emergency Closing if required, will result in loss of pay.

In the event of an emergency closing due to severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the fact that classes have been cancelled at Kingsborough Community College will be announced on the following radio stations:





WADO 1280 AM




WBLS 107.5 FM


WFAS 1230 AM


WFAS 103.9 FM 
WFAS 106.3 FM

WINS 1010 AM

WLIB 1190 AM



WOR 710 AM


 WKRB (KCC) 90.3 FM



*PLEASE NOTE:  If voice mail is not working, you must call the boiler room, 718-368-5134, for information.  YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR CALLING TO FIND OUT IF YOU SHOULD REPORT TO WORK.

    Mr. Anthony Corazza
    Mr. Thomas Brzozowski
    Mr. Rodney Moye
    Mr. James Weaver