Application Process

Can I join the program?

You are eligible for the College Discovery Program if you:

  1. Are entering college for the first time as an incoming freshman for the Fall semester
  2. Have been a New York City resident for at least a year before entering college
  3. Are a high school graduate or have a GED
  4. Are academically qualified
  5. Have a gross family income that meets the New York State guidelines (see chart).
    Are a transfer student who was enrolled in a similar program (HEOP, EOP, SEEK, CD) at your previous school.

College Discovery Program
Economic Eligibility Screening
2020-2021 Academic Year

No. of Household Members

Total Annual Income


















Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the Special Programs (SEEK and College Discovery) section of the CUNY Freshman Admission Application on-line at
  2. Complete the Financial Aid Student Application (FAFSA):
  3. Complete the TAP Award Application here: TAP Application page
  4. You MUST attend an Enrollment Information Session to complete your application to the College Discovery Program. Click here or call 718-368-5520 to schedule an appointment.
  5. At the information session you will:
    1. Complete a College Discovery Program application form;
    2. Provide documentation of financial circumstances.
  6. When you attend your enrollment information session bring the following documents (whichever apply to the family) to be determined financially eligible:
    • Student U.S Passport or Birth Certificate
    • Student Alien Registration Card if born outside the U.S
    • Student Social Security Card
    • 2018 Parents Federal Tax Returns
    • 2018 Student Federal Tax Returns if applies
    • Parents and/or student 2018 W-2 Forms
    • Parent 2018 Social Security Benefits Letter if applicable
    • Parent 2018 Public Assistance Benefits Letter if applicable
    • Parent Food Stamp Card if applicable

If none of the above

  • Show proof of Income that supported the family in 2018.

Students transferring from HEOP, EOP, or SEEK must deliver or fax a Special Programs Transfer request form to the College Discovery Office in L-516, fax number: (718)368-5997.



Please watch our College Discovery Power Point Presentation: