Public Safety and Security

Welcome to the webpage of the Public Safety Department (PSD) at Kingsborough Community College (KBCC). I am excited and honored to serve as Chief of the PSD. I am committed to making Kingsborough Community College a safer, more serviceable and better prepared campus for our faculty, staff, students and visitors alike. 


Crime on campus can be significantly reduced if each person will take the time to properly secure personal and university property, to mark and record the make, model and serial number of personal possessions; to lock rooms and buildings when leaving; to always lock vehicles and take the keys; to observe and report suspicious persons or activities; and never to leave valuables unattended or unsecured. Cooperation is necessary for the successful prevention of crime. The Department of Public Safety offers a number of crime prevention programs to assist University students, faculty and staff in fighting crime on campus. Questions regarding our Crime Prevention programs should be referred to Interim Director of Public Safety Kenneth Greene.

Tel: 718.368.5069 | Fax: 718.368.5301
Kingsborough Community College

Kenneth Greene
Interim Director of Public Safety 

Richard Lazarini
Lieutenant of Kingsborough Community College Public Safety Department

Irene Szczesny
Lieutenant of Kingsborough Community College Public Safety Department

Sergeant Veronica Rodriguez
Workplace Violence Coordinator 
Domestic Violence Coordinator

How to Prepare for an Active Shooter Event