Nursing Entrance Requirements


Entrance Requirements

To be considered for the Clinical Component of the Nursing Program, a student must comply with the following:

  1. be enrolled in the Pre-Clinical Component. Student must complete an application for Pre-Clinical Nursing during the period noted on the Academic Calendar. The application is obtained in the Registrar’s Office. The student must see a nursing counselor to discuss their academic performance and obtain a advisor’s signature on the application. The application is submitted to the Nursing Department (M401);
  2. English and math proficient as determined by the CUNY Proficiency Index, unless otherwise exempt, or successful completion of any required developmental course(s). before completion of the four (4) courses in the Pre-Clinical Sequence;
  3. complete the four (4) courses in the Pre-Clinical Sequence: ENG 1200, PSY 1100, BIO 1100 and SCI 2500;
  4. complete the four courses the Pre-Clinical Sequence with at least a grade point average of 2.8 and earn at least two (2) B’s (one of which must be in SCI 2500 or BIO 1100);
  5. students who has repeated and/or withdrawn from any of the Pre-Clinical Sequence courses may not be considered for admission to the Nursing program;
  6. all grades received for courses taken in the Pre-Clinical Sequence at Kingsborough will be included in the Pre-Clinical average computation;
  7. submit transcripts from other colleges (NOTE: Letter grades received in the Pre-Clinical Sequence courses at other colleges will be used to determine eligibility for admission); any biological science course more than 10 years old will not be accepted for exemption or credit; Nursing Department Student Handbook, Page 12 of 36
  8. perform satisfactorily on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam.
  9. transfer students from other colleges must be in good academic standing. A student, who is on academic probation or has been administratively dismissed from a Nursing program at a previous school, is not eligible for admission to the Nursing Program;
  10. the student must earn a minimum of “C” in all pre- and co-requisite courses inclusive of BIO 1200, BIO 5100, ENG 2400, PSY 3200, and SOC 3100. Students who have repeated and/or withdrawn from these courses may not be considered for admission to the Nursing Program.
  11. Students are permitted to defer with a valid reason for one semester only and with the approval of the Chairperson of the Nursing Department. Upon approval the student must enter the program the following semester. Failure to do so will result in the need to reapply to the program following all the criteria for admission, inclusive of retaking the TEAS.