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Liberal Arts

 Philosophy  Concentration

Philosophy has always been considered an important, even necessary, component of  a liberal arts education. Combining critical thinking with a broad range of questions  probing the range of human thought whether scientific, humanistic, or artistic, and sporting some of the finest literature ever written, it provides students with an irreplaceable and essential window on the full range of what we term the "liberal arts." Kingsborough Community College now offers a broad range of philosophy courses covering all sorts of issues from religion to bioethics and from a broad range of perspectives including Asian and contemporary analytic as well as the traditional ancient Greek and modern European.

Philosophy Courses:

PHI 6600  Criminal Justice Ethics
PHI 6700  Political Philosophy
PHI 6800   Ethical Problems in Business and Society
PHI 6900  Environmental Ethics
PHI 7000  Introduction to Philosophical Problems
PHI 7100  History of Philosophy: the Classical Philosophers
PHI 7200 History of Philosophy: the Modern Philosophers 
PHI 7300 Logic: Theories of Argumentation
PHI 7400 Ethics: a Study of Ethical Problems
PHI 7500 Philosophy of the Beautiful-Aesthetics
PHI 7600 Ethics and Morality in the Health Professions
PHI 7700 Philosophy of Religion
PHI 7800 Philosophy in Asian Traditions
PHI 7900 Global Ethics

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