Education Program students are required to create and organize an electronic portfolio during their study at Kingsborough. In their first course, EDC 200 - Social Foundations of Education, students will begin their e-portfolios with specialized training. As students take additional courses, they will further develop their e-portfolios to showcase their learning and growth during their years at Kingsborough Community College.

Incorporating their work from all education classes, students will build an important and impressive record.  It is often used for application purposes with potential employers and four-year colleges, and serves as a reminder of their incredible work and the invaluable lessons learned here at Kingsborough.

Students are encouraged to further individualize their portfolios, including incorporating multimedia and making design changes. Our support of student creativity and freedom has resulted in some remarkable and unique displays, and has encouraged many to foster the same values in their future careers.

For current students: 
Please click on the E-portfolio link (Digication), here, in order to log in and access instructions for uploading assignments and creating hyperlinks