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Early Childhood Education Club


  • Office: V116
  • Hours: M-F 9-5 pm
  • Phone: (718)368-5964
  • Fax: (718)368-4935

Student Activities

The Kingsborough Education Program is dedicated to providing access to student activities inside and outside the classroom.

Students in EDC 90 created a blog reflecting upon their school, fieldwork, and life experiences, allowing them to voice their ideas, concerns, and hopes about critical issues in education.

EDC 3100 students have organized food drives, volunteered at soup kitchens, organized rummage sales, and participated in cleanup efforts on campus and at Plumb Beach. These activities exemplify that the activism learned in class can be brought into our communities.

Education Club

The Education Club provides a space for students to connect, have fun, and become involved in activities and experiences that lead to personal and professional growth.

We bring awareness and important information on a variety of critical issues to students. Some of our goals are to foster lifelong learning, self-growth, critical reflection, and creativity. Club activities seek to facilitate networking among people concerned with education, and promote advocacy, activism, and social justice. Importantly, the club strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment where students can communicate, share their ideas, and receive support.

We offer workshops, faculty presentations, guest speakers, take field trips, and collaborate with the Child Development Center. We also have movies and refreshments!

The club seeks to strengthen and encourage every student, not just those in the Education program; all students are welcome!

 So, please contact us!

For more information, including meeting times, locations, and planned events, you can e-mail Dr. Joanna Maulbeck club advisor