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Department of Business


Business majors earn half of their credits in the Business department and the other half of their degree is in liberal arts. Business department courses are in the disciplines of Accounting, Business Administration, Retail Management and Economics. To find out more about our programs, degree requirements, or learn about other department resources click on the links in the navigation bar.

Career Paths

After earning an Associates' Degree at KCC many business majors complete their Bachelor's Degree by transferring to four year schools with junior status. Small classes and caring faculty help students build a strong foundation and prepare them for upper level academics. 
Students choosing to enter the job market after earning their Associates' Degree can find entry level positions with local companies in many different areas of business including fashion, retail, data processing, accounting and financial fields. Many students are recruited directly by employers who visit the campus during job fair.

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Accounting is often called the "language of business". The financial health of an organization is communicated through financial reports and data provided by accountants. This information is provided to investors and potential investors, to taxing authorities, and to other government agencies. Virtually all business decisions depend on accounting data. All business people need a thorough understanding of this important field. As the structures of business and economic systems become more technical and complex, the need for highly trained and competent accountants also increases.

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Business of Fashion program

The Business of Fashion degree (A.A.S.) exposes students to marketing and merchandising in the fashion industry.

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Business Administration

Business administration is perhaps the most important component of a business's success. Administrators and managers must plan, organize, staff, direct, control, and lead. They bear the responsibility to maintain an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, can accomplish their common missions and objectives.

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Fashion Design

The program prepares you for a career as a Designer or an Assistant Designer. Our program will also result in you having a professional portfolio of your work to demonstrate your abilities to prospective employers. 

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