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Credentialed Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) Programs:
A.S. Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling Certificate in Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know which program I should take – the A.S. Degree or the Certificate:

If you do not yet have a degree, it is recommended that you enroll for the A.S. Degree program. It will give you all the classroom hours you need (350) to apply for your CASAC-T. Once you have earned the CASAC-T, you still need to earn 6,000 hours of approved work experience while you are working on getting the full CASAC credential. Earning your A.S. degree allows you to earn 1,000 hours that can be substituted for approved work experience.

Does the program give me the CASAC:

No, the A.S. Degree Program and the Certificate Program provides students with the 350 classroom hours of training required by the NYS-Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS). Once you complete the classroom hours, you must fill out the CASAC Application and submit it to the OASAS Credentialing Unit. Other requirements such as fingerprints are also needed. 

Can I start my private practice with the CASAC:

The CASAC allows holders to work within approved agency settings. It does not allow you to start a private practice unless you have already earned the appropriate education and certification or licensure to do so.

Will the CASAC give me a license:

No, the CASAC is a certificate or credential. NYS does not currently have licensure in this area.

Can I work with the CASAC-T?

Yes. The CASAC-T or Trainee Certificate allows you to work within approved agency settings. Once you receive the CASAC-T, you have five years to obtain all the other needed requirements for the CASAC. This includes taking the CASAC examination.

What Bachelors degrees will accept me if I get the A.S. Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling?
Students have been accepted into several Bachelors Degree programs. These include the BSW programs at York, Medgar Evers College, the College of Staten Island, Adelphi University, Touro, and NYU. Students have also completed degrees in Psychology (Brooklyn College), Sociology and Anthropology (John Jay), and Human Services (SUNY Empire State College). Kingsborough has articulation agreements with some colleges which streamlines the transfer into the Bachelors degree program.